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I am a skaarj. A big, scary, ice skaarj.  I like to eat nali fruit and play card games with Kralls.  We skaarjs get a long with Kralls for the most part.  They ain't too bright those kralls, but you sure as hell don't wanna mess with them.  Mercenarys- Meh they're alright.  We try to stay outta there way and they try to mind their own business.  What pisses me off? Humans.  Yeah you heard me right, people like you.  People like you just won't leave us the hell alone.  We try to just chill and once that prisoner of yours showed up, we shot him.  Oh yes, I was the skaarj in the nali castle.  My duty is to protect the castle from invaders.  We find you, we kill you.  Simple as that.  

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LOL. Good history! :lol:;)

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Yeah i am a Xan Kriegor xD

Welcome on the forum:)


Return To Napali 2: Napali War............Coming soon.

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LOL guys :o I need to afraid of you! :lol:

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